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In between m e d i a® is a creative Film and TV production company from Berlin, Germany. We are looking back on 20 years of experience and we follow our dreams with passion and dedication. We are developing insipiring documentaries, children fantasy and Science-Fiction youth stories for cinema and television. 





Moments of Happiness (Glücksmomente)


Inspirational documentary movie

Dur.: 97 min.

Language: English

Release date: 2016


Trailer coming soon!

Official site - (work in progress)



Let happiness into your heart... ;)


Cast: Korey Ireland (USA), Citadel Muñoz Cruz (The Philippines), Victoria Abdelnur (Argentina), Dr. Bostjan Dvorak (Slovenia)


Film locations: Germany, Spain, The Philippines, West Bengal, Argentina, USA, Kenia, Rwanda and Slovenia.


In the preview you have access to the teaser that was made to present the idea. The first trailer for the movie will be released together with the official website of the movie end of April this year. Here you will find all the informations about the movie, it´s protagonists and much more.















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